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Megan's Platform

Addressing Rising Crime - Megan understands the importance of feeling safe in the city in which you live and work.  She supports strong, community-based policing and is committed to promoting efficient police and fire services through investments in personnel and equipment. We can provide officers with the tools they need to protect our community, while also increasing transparency, accountability, and training. Let’s work with public safety to make sure they are funded and trained to work with and care for our communities in their response to the needs that arise. Safety is the cornerstone of a thriving community, and Megan will work to ensure that residents in the Fifth District and throughout Long Beach are well served and well protected. 


Housing for All - We must address the serious issue around lack of housing and homelessness by tackling the issue through different approaches. One avenue is to provide a full spectrum of housing options throughout the city, with a focus on affordable, but quality housing. Incentives and inclusionary housing for new development and collaboration with community-based organizations to build sustainable and affordable housing are critical. Building more shelters and transitional housing is an important first step but we also need more long-term solutions. Creating more diversion programs connecting our homeless population with supportive services like job training, mental health services and addiction treatment will provide our homeless population with resources to help get their lives back on track and stay in housing.

Economic Recovery & Development -  In recent years the city has faced significant challenges exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our workforce needs a kick start with investments in new, good-paying jobs, workforce training, and development programs. Not only that, but we need to cut the red tape and lower fees for small businesses and start-ups so that businesses are encouraged to invest in our city and supply job opportunities. 


Protecting our Environment and Open Spaces - It is no secret that Long Beach is ranked among the most polluted areas in the nation. Megan supports the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy and will work to strengthen environmental protection laws. She will fight to get priority funding for critical open space projects in our area and enhance our parks and recreation programs so Long Beach residents have parks and programs in their neighborhoods that promote health.  

Maintaining and Improving infrastructure - Megan believes in building strong, vibrant and sustainable neighborhoods, and that requires infrastructure to support a high quality of life. She plans to provide residents with the services they want most: their streets cleaned, potholes filled, trash collected, and trees trimmed efficiently in every corner of the Fifth District.

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